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[sticky post] October Activity Post

Welcome to the October activity post—this month it’s story time!

Yes, for the rest of the month we will be telling a spooky story together, comment by comment.

My esteemed co-mod has furnished me with an example, to explain how all this is going to work:

Person A (the mod) starts the ball rolling: Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson found a…

Person B adds a new comment: Nasty smell in the house where they believed lived their…

Person C adds their comment: Suspect. Looking in the kitchen they saw a...

So in each new comment we resolve the previous cliffhanger and leave one of our own for the next contributor. There’s no hard and fast limit for the number of words you can use but the game will probably work best if you make your addition relatively brief.

You are free to make as many contributions to the story as you like. However, once you have made a contribution, you must wait until at least two other people have had a go before adding your next comment.

Incidentally, please remember to put each new contribution as a new comment, not as a reply to the previous comment. And let’s aim for bringing the story to a close somewhere on Halloween itself! As we’re all in different time zones, perhaps by 08:00 UTC? (That is, by 8am on the 1st of November in the UK.)

And so, here is the first line of our spooky story:

It appeared Holmes and Watson's new client had a haunted…

And away we go!

As always, you needn’t take part in this activity if you don’t wish to. Once you’re a member, you can post what and when you want—as long as you keep to the 500 words or less wordcount and the ACD Holmes ‘verse. AUs, crossovers and fusions are all permitted, as long as the characters remain essentially recognisable as the original ACD versions.

Please see the profile for the full posting guidelines!

Poem: The Morning After The Night Before

Word count: about 450
Rating: General
Notes...here is another one I made earlier...

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Fic: High Spirits: G

Title: High Spirits
Wordcount: 128 words.
Characters/Pairings: Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Mrs. Hudson ('off-screen')
Rating: G
Warnings/Content: N/A
Author’s Notes: Written for the October Prompt: Spirit.

The party in Mrs. Hudson’s quarters was now in full swing.

Up in 221B, Watson smiled weakly at Holmes.

“What is it they’re celebrating?”

“I think...” said Holmes, “Mrs. Hudson said it was a harvest supper.”

“In London?”

There was a sudden cheer and Holmes shrugged. “Seems to have been a very good year for gin at least.”

Down below the piano started up, as Mrs. Hudson began to lead her guests in yet another popular ditty.

Holmes blanched somewhat. “Dear God. How many risqué songs does the woman know?”

“I suppose… we could… always go down and complain..?”

Watson’s voice trailed away.

Amidst the silence, the laughter of twenty-three landladies floated up the stairs, and Holmes and Watson exchanged a look.

“Yes, well,” said Watson. “Perhaps not.”

Fic: The Case of the Dodgy Vicar: PG

Title: The Case of the Dodgy Vicar
Form/Wordcount: 400
Characters/Pairings: Dr John Watson/Inspector Lestrade, Mr Sherlock Holmes/Inspector Stanley Hopkins
Rating: PG
Warnings/Content: Written for watsons_woes monthly prompt "Treat".  BroomCupboard!Verse (i.e. crack) in which Watson has to dress as Lestrade's bride in order to solve the case.

The Case of the Dodgy Vicar

Poem: drinking game

Author: debriswoman
Rating: general
Word count: 427
Notes: written earlier, set before "The final problem"

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Fic: At the Off Licence: G

Title: At the Off Licence
Form/Wordcount: 221B
Characters/Pairings: Dr John Watson, Mr Jenkins, proprietor of the off licence
Rating: G
Warnings/Content: Written for the "Spirit" prompt.

Dr Watson opened the doorCollapse )

Fic: Hammam Bouquet: G

Title: Hammam Bouquet
Rating: Gen
Length: 500
Content Notes: Angst; Holmes/Watson (pining); AU with regard to timeline, esp. Watson/Mary; Turkish bath; rum; tattoos; mention of morphine use; references to "A Scandal in Bohemia."
Summary: Watson contemplates a tattoo.
Author's Note: For the monthly prompt: spirit. Inspired by the sherlock60
discussion post of two weeks ago about fragrance and the 1_million_words prompt: "There was frost on the carpet."
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Poem: Unknown

Author: debriswoman
Rating: general
Word count: around 300
Notes: written earlier...seems to fit the prompt.

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Fic: The Haunting of 221B: PG

Title: The Haunting of 221B
Form/Wordcount: 476
Characters/Pairings: Mr Sherlock Holmes, Dr John Watson, Mrs Hudson, Inspector Lestrade
Rating: PG
Warnings/Content: Written for the "Spirit" prompt - let the reader beware!  Watson is unsettled, but is there a reason for it?

I was never entirely sureCollapse )

Poem: Mood Swings

Author: debriswoman
Rating: General
Word count:494
Notes...written earlier...I think it fits the "spirit" prompt but wasn't written specifically for it.

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