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Holmes Minor

a playground for little fics and poems

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Holmes Minor
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A community for microfiction and poetry set in the ACD Sherlock Holmes ‘verse.
This is Holmes Minor—a place to have fun with microfiction and poetry set in the ACD Holmes ‘verse!

It’s a sister comm—or rather, a little brother comm—to sherlock60. We thought it would be enjoyable to expand on the focus there of writing 60 word fics inspired by individual canon stories, and have a place where we can try all kinds of microfiction and write in the ACD Holmes ‘verse in general.

Membership is moderated to avoid problems with spam posting, but please rest assured that all membership requests will be dealt with promptly—usually within 24 hours. And anonymous comments are welcome but will be screened—also to avoid problems with spam. So there will be a short waiting period before they become visible.

Any form of microfiction is welcome here, e.g. 6 word stories, 55s, drabbles, double drabbles and 221Bs, and all forms of poetry are welcome too. Or you can choose to use no form at all.

However, your piece must always be 500 words or less.

AUs, crossovers and fusions are welcome. The only requirement is that the characters remain essentially recognisable as the original ACD versions.

We will be having monthly prompts and hopefully other activities too, but members will be free to post whenever and whatever they want—as long as the pieces keep to those basic rules.

Adult content is welcome but please warn accordingly. You MUST warn for dubious or non-consent, extreme violence and torture, and major character death.

Posting Guidelines:

In the subject line, put either “fic” or “poem”, then the title, followed by the rating.

For example: Poem: Mr. Holmes’s Experiment: G and Fic: Mrs. Hudson’s Revenge: PG-13

Then use this header:

Form/Wordcount: [You needn’t use both, if it is obvious from the form what the wordcount is.]
Warnings/Content: [As necessary]
Author’s Notes: [You may include a few words of summary here as well, if you wish to do so.]

As this is a microfiction community, if you are posting work directly to the comm, putting it under a cut is not automatically necessary. However, use your judgment, and any work rated NC-17 MUST be put under a cut and you must set your post to "explicit".

Work can also be posted elsewhere and linked to the comm. If you're posting to AO3, please consider using the tag "Community: holmes_minor".

Tag for poem or fic (instead of simply "fic", you can use a tag for the specific microfiction form, if your piece uses one), rating, characters and pairings. The first time you post, we will create and add an author’s tag for you. If the tag you want doesn’t yet exist, please use !tagplease! and state in your author's notes what you need.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your mods scfrankles and thesmallhobbit.

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